Coming Soon, Travel and CYO Leagues have a New Home! is very excited to share the latest release of our website which offers tools specially designed for the traditional travel and CYO basketball Leagues. With our next release, scheduled for early September, everyone involved in a “league”, including players, parents, coaches, officials and league administrators will be able to use our social media interface to share important information. Your entire league can use one site to communicate league news and announcements, scores, standings and game schedules.  With everything accessible from your PC, tablet or smart phone. has helped many amateur basketball organizations reduce the cost and effort involved with staying connected with it’s membership. We’ve removed the cost and effort associated with managing league or organization websites by providing a safe and easy to use internet community specifically designed for amateur basketball, or what we like to call the “fast break community”.

League managers can now manage every team in their league and communicate with every level, they can connect quickly with organization managers, team coaches and even players and parents. Our easy to use interface makes it quick to schedule league games and post results.

Coaches and players will have a secure and easy way of sharing practices schedules, inspirational stories and game recaps. And everyone in the community can connect with one another and share news articles and photos.

One of the biggest advantage of using to manage your league is the data collection. In the past the heavy lifting involved in collect player and team information fell on the shoulders of the participating organizations and league organizers to collect and manage. With, data is entered by the players and parents when they register, and the data provided is shared with the league. This beats the heck out of typing rosters and coaches name from paper forms to spreadsheets, it also eliminate the need to  manage the always popular email lists.

Speaking of data, is a secure site and the data collected and shared is no different then the data you’ve collected in the past, but now, you don’t have to collect it.

The other big advantage is to the players in the league. As you know, many members of the community are college coaches. They all have the opportunity to connect with players and start the recruiting process. Every player in the Hoopdog community has a “Player Profile” specifically designed to contain the information that college recruiters are looking for. The more you can provide your players, the more people you’ll have looking at your league.