Hoopdog “Springs” First Tournament Schedule

Although today is officially the first day of spring, the snow is still falling here at Hoopdog headquarters in Albany, New York. But in our book, the first signs of spring are upon us with some spankin’ new basketball shoes, tryouts, new teammates and practices, and yes, tournaments! We are pleased to announce that our very first tournament through Hoopdog will be taking place this weekend! We would like to thank the Saratoga Sparks for using Hoopdog.com for this weekend’s tournament; The Pre-Season Warm Up. Thank you Sparks!

Planning a tournament is easy with Hoopdog.com. Teams can register and pay instantly and quickly online. If you’re a tournament director you can use Hoopdog’s Guaranteed Game Scheduler which utilizes a team’s Power Ranking and Geographic Location to generate a schedule for you. As you can see online at the Pre-Season Warm Up page, (log into hoopdog.com and search pre-season warm up, click on it and you’re there) you can keep a list of venues each of which are a linked to more information. Maps, directions, and even ranked courts are available. With Hoopdog’s Guaranteed Game Scheduler you can also grant special requests from teams and pin desired match-ups. Easily communicate any last minute changes and publish the tournament schedule. Any teams that are on Hoopdog will have their games published right to their team’s profile page. 

A new feature is also available under tournament settings; Manage Schedule Manually. Some tournament directors might prefer to have complete control over all of the games, every time, and every court. In this case you can set your tournament preference to manual, pin each and every game. Great for control freaks!

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for reading, and happy spring to everyone! 

Point Guard-ian!

To make your life even easier, Hoopdog is pleased to announce a new Guardian feature!  This feature allows parents to manage their child’s player profile.  If you are new to Hoopdog this option is available on sign up.

If you and your children already have Hoopdog accounts you can make yourself a guardian by:

1. Log into Hoopdog.com as yourself.

2. In the upper right corner of the screen is a little white triangle, click on it and select Settings.

3. Under User Roles click on “Click here to create a guardian account”.

4. A pop up box will come up with “Would you like to create a guardian account with a new player or manage an existing Hoopdog account?” Click on Manage.

5. Enter the email and password your child is using for his/her Hoopdog account. This will convert your role from “Fan” to “Guardian” and you can manage your child’s profile.  This will revoke the player’s access to the account, so if they wish to log in, it will now be under the guardian’s email and password.  Clicking on that white triangle will allow you the option to use Hoopdog as either yourself or your little one.

If you don’t already have a Hoopdog account of your own, follow the same steps but log in as your child and select create guardian account.

You can still add any additional guardians that would like to receive notifications by going to the child’s profile and clicking on Update Profile then Team’s Communications, just like before.

If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email support@hoopdog.com or phone (518) 435-1089.  For those of you who have given us feedback and made suggestions on ways we can improve the site, thank you!  We want to make your Hoopdog experience easy and fun, so let us know what more we can do to improve!