HoopDog down for maintenance

HoopDog is down for the time being. Our back-end services our under maintenance for the foreseeable future. For further questions, please reach out to hoopgroup@hoopdog.com.

Coming Soon, Travel and CYO Leagues have a New Home!

Hoopdog.com is very excited to share the latest release of our website which offers tools specially designed for the traditional travel and CYO basketball Leagues. With our next release, scheduled for early September, everyone involved in a “league”, including players, parents, coaches, officials and league administrators will be able to use our social media interface to share important information. Your entire league can use one site to communicate league news and announcements, scores, standings and game schedules.  With everything accessible from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

Hoopdog.com has helped many amateur basketball organizations reduce the cost and effort involved with staying connected with it’s membership. We’ve removed the cost and effort associated with managing league or organization websites by providing a safe and easy to use internet community specifically designed for amateur basketball, or what we like to call the “fast break community”.

League managers can now manage every team in their league and communicate with every level, they can connect quickly with organization managers, team coaches and even players and parents. Our easy to use interface makes it quick to schedule league games and post results.

Coaches and players will have a secure and easy way of sharing practices schedules, inspirational stories and game recaps. And everyone in the community can connect with one another and share news articles and photos.

One of the biggest advantage of using Hoopdog.com to manage your league is the data collection. In the past the heavy lifting involved in collect player and team information fell on the shoulders of the participating organizations and league organizers to collect and manage. With Hoopdog.com, data is entered by the players and parents when they register, and the data provided is shared with the league. This beats the heck out of typing rosters and coaches name from paper forms to spreadsheets, it also eliminate the need to  manage the always popular email lists.

Speaking of data, Hoopdog.com is a secure site and the data collected and shared is no different then the data you’ve collected in the past, but now, you don’t have to collect it.

The other big advantage is to the players in the league. As you know, many members of the Hoopdog.com community are college coaches. They all have the opportunity to connect with players and start the recruiting process. Every player in the Hoopdog community has a “Player Profile” specifically designed to contain the information that college recruiters are looking for. The more you can provide your players, the more people you’ll have looking at your league.

Hoopdog Releases a Brand new “News Feed”

This just in!  The fast break community is now even faster with Hoopdog’s Newsfeed!

The next time you log into Hoopdog.com, you may notice some new features.  We’ve recently created a News Feed.  This will be the first page that appears when you log in.   So, what is it and how does it work?

When someone you are connected with posts, it will appear chronologically in a newsfeed stream on your home page with the most recent posts on top.  It will show all posts and comments from any teams you are on or people you are connected with.  This way it will be so easy to stay up to date with any changes in practice times, tournament schedules, or whatever is the latest news in your basketball world.  Don’t worry; you’ll still receive email notifications just like before, so you’ll be sure not to miss that last minute practice change from your coach.  With this new feature, any and all posts from your teams, fans, or anyone you are connected with, will be readily available when you log in.

Your Hoopdog profile page will look the same, but you may notice a change on the bar at the top of the screen.  The home will take you to your news feed home page, your picture will take you to your profile, the basketball will show any notifications, and the shopping cart will take you to your payment screen.

Once again, if you have any questions, comments, or improvement ideas, please let us know! Support@hoopdog.com or (518) 435-1089.

Thanks for reading!

Hoopdog “Springs” First Tournament Schedule

Although today is officially the first day of spring, the snow is still falling here at Hoopdog headquarters in Albany, New York. But in our book, the first signs of spring are upon us with some spankin’ new basketball shoes, tryouts, new teammates and practices, and yes, tournaments! We are pleased to announce that our very first tournament through Hoopdog will be taking place this weekend! We would like to thank the Saratoga Sparks for using Hoopdog.com for this weekend’s tournament; The Pre-Season Warm Up. Thank you Sparks!

Planning a tournament is easy with Hoopdog.com. Teams can register and pay instantly and quickly online. If you’re a tournament director you can use Hoopdog’s Guaranteed Game Scheduler which utilizes a team’s Power Ranking and Geographic Location to generate a schedule for you. As you can see online at the Pre-Season Warm Up page, (log into hoopdog.com and search pre-season warm up, click on it and you’re there) you can keep a list of venues each of which are a linked to more information. Maps, directions, and even ranked courts are available. With Hoopdog’s Guaranteed Game Scheduler you can also grant special requests from teams and pin desired match-ups. Easily communicate any last minute changes and publish the tournament schedule. Any teams that are on Hoopdog will have their games published right to their team’s profile page. 

A new feature is also available under tournament settings; Manage Schedule Manually. Some tournament directors might prefer to have complete control over all of the games, every time, and every court. In this case you can set your tournament preference to manual, pin each and every game. Great for control freaks!

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for reading, and happy spring to everyone! 

Point Guard-ian!

To make your life even easier, Hoopdog is pleased to announce a new Guardian feature!  This feature allows parents to manage their child’s player profile.  If you are new to Hoopdog this option is available on sign up.

If you and your children already have Hoopdog accounts you can make yourself a guardian by:

1. Log into Hoopdog.com as yourself.

2. In the upper right corner of the screen is a little white triangle, click on it and select Settings.

3. Under User Roles click on “Click here to create a guardian account”.

4. A pop up box will come up with “Would you like to create a guardian account with a new player or manage an existing Hoopdog account?” Click on Manage.

5. Enter the email and password your child is using for his/her Hoopdog account. This will convert your role from “Fan” to “Guardian” and you can manage your child’s profile.  This will revoke the player’s access to the account, so if they wish to log in, it will now be under the guardian’s email and password.  Clicking on that white triangle will allow you the option to use Hoopdog as either yourself or your little one.

If you don’t already have a Hoopdog account of your own, follow the same steps but log in as your child and select create guardian account.

You can still add any additional guardians that would like to receive notifications by going to the child’s profile and clicking on Update Profile then Team’s Communications, just like before.

If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email support@hoopdog.com or phone (518) 435-1089.  For those of you who have given us feedback and made suggestions on ways we can improve the site, thank you!  We want to make your Hoopdog experience easy and fun, so let us know what more we can do to improve!

The Growing Fast Break Community

It’s been a little over two months since Hoopdog.com has gone live and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far.  Little by little, we’ve seen more organizations from around the Northeast, United States signing up to become part of the fast break community!  We’re also excited to hear interest from basketball programs around the country begin to grow. 

As time goes on and users are getting more comfortable with Hoopdog.com, it’s great to see how it’s being used as a communication tool.  It’s convenient and easy for players, coaches, and parents to communicate all of their important team discussions and instructions in one location. 

We’re still squashing some bugs and trying to clean up the site to make it as user friendly as possible.  If you have any suggestions on how we can make your Hoopdog user experience better, easier, or faster, please, don’t be shy!  Contact us at support@hoopdog.com or give us a call at (518) 435-1089.  We welcome your questions, comments, or suggestions!

And coming soon to Hoopdog… we’re currently working on some exciting new features including; enhanced user profiles to allow wall posts and to complement our guaranteed game scheduler, pool play game schedules…so stay tuned!

HoopDog.com Powers Forward

Many thanks to the Saratoga Sparks for using HoopDog.com for your tryouts, player registration, and tournament scheduling!  HoopDog.com has seen an increase in user accounts and profile activity this week, so thank you Sparks!
It looks like players are enjoying building their profiles and showing off their basketball skills through photos, videos, and posts.  They’re also connecting with teammates and other players.
Meanwhile, parents and coaches appreciate the fast and easy player registration and payment options.  Hoopdog.com is linked with PayPal to ensure a safe and secure payment process.  Parents no longer need to send checks in the mail and coaches can lose the paper rosters.  Furthermore, both parents and coaches can also create their own profiles to follow their favorite players or coordinate practice times.
In other news, HoopDog.com now has a Help Desk set up!  We are willing and eager to assist you with any questions you may have or feedback you wish to give us!  Feel free to give us a call: (518) 435-1089 or shoot us an email: support@hoopdog.com.  We also have agents available for online chat, so once you’re logged into HoopDog.com , click on “Support” under the white arrow next to your name.  Our Help Desk is available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, weeknights from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Looking ahead, Hoopdog.com has seen an increase in interest from organizations around the country to use Hoopdog.com for their tournaments!  With Hoopdog.com, we hope to get more organizations and tournament directors on board.  They can use Hoopdog’s Guaranteed Game Scheduler which uses a team’s Ability Level and Geographic Location to generate a schedule.  They can also keep a list of venues, rank their courts, grant special requests from teams, and pin desired match-ups.  They can also easily communicate any last minute changes, and post the tournament schedule.
Thank you for reading and stay tuned!

Hoopdog.com has gone live..

Wow.. what a week. Our web site is up and running and people are starting to create users accounts. We are currently thrilled to have the Saratoga Sparks (Saratoga, New York) use our site for Player Registration and Tournament scheduling. The Sparks have been great to work with and they are just as excited as we are to be using Hoopdog to start building the Fast Break Community. Their players are busy updating their profile pages and their organization users are busy getting the word out about their upcoming tryouts and their annual tournaments.

We have also gone live with our Hoopdog.com help desk. We will be providing telephone support Monday-Friday from 9:00am through 5:00pm and online support weeknights from 5:00pm till 9:00 and Saturday’s from 9:00am till 5:00pm. Members have the options of calling, emailing or chatting on-line. (we plan to be closed for major holidays)

This week has been hectic, and we did have to work out a couple of wrinkles, specifically with older versions of Internet Explorer, but we are live and ready to serve the Fast Break Community.

Our next step is to start reaching out to other basketball organizations and college coaches to start introducing them to the benefits of Hoopdog.com.

Creating Something Useful…

Every now and again something simple is created that people find extremely useful. Something that’s not overdone or trying to accomplish more than it’s intended to do. Something simple and easy to understand that actually accomplished a goal. I think our website falls into that fold. We’ve identified a need and provided a simple solution. We designed a website that we believe will help Club Basketball Organizations and their Coaches, Players, Fans and the College Coaching community.

Our site was created and developed with club basketball community in mind… For organization managers or the poor soul who volunteered as tournament director, we have built a very easy to use interface which will enable them to generate guaranteed game schedules with the push of a button. You can advertise your tournament on HoopDog.com, have teams register to participate and collect tournament fees though our interface… and when the time is right you can generate the tournament schedule and notify your participates… all the stressful details are taken care of. All you have to do is secure your venues and focus on promoting your event.